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Welcome Empty Nesters!

Hello, and welcome! I am so excited you stopped by to meet me and my new crazy little blog. My name is Dawn and I live in the upper part of Ohio, a little town that is a suburb of Toledo. I am a mama to an amazing 18 year old son, Anthony. He is the light of my world, the reason I breathe, the ying to my yang, and the peanut butter to my Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cup. Without this child, I would probably be lost in the world wandering around aimlessly. He gives me purpose and direction. Which is the reason I am starting this blog.

Recently, he started college, moved to a dorm and left me ALONE. I am a single mama with five fur babies (not all cats, do not panic, I have two dogs) and am now the only HUMAN living in my home. It is so crazy to say that out loud. And guys let me tell you that this Empty Nester Syndrome is REAL! I did not believe it! I thought only old people had this problem and guess what I have it and I am not even old!

But that is why I started this blog. I want to be able to share with you how I am going to make it through this new chapter in my life. That is, if, I make through! Ok that last sentence was my pessimistic self coming out and I am trying this new thing with my life called, optimism. This is something that my own mama has tried to instill in me since the day I was born. I kinda always have been a glass half empty kinda girl. Oops!

As I already stated, I am turning over a new leaf. Making myself BE positive and see that my life is not over since my son left for college. I still have purpose and direction and it is (hopefully) to show other parents that we can survive this empty nester syndrome. My hope is to give you guys purpose and direction as well. So, we ALL can become new versions of ourselves that read books, get massages, or heck even go on a date (maybe). We are not confined by our children’s schedules any longer. We are free.

But, that is, after all, the problem I am experiencing and am sure so many of you are as well. We are free and we have no idea what to do with our time. Or we are free and we miss our children so severely it is crippling our own existence. I know lying in bed and crying all day definitely has been on my agenda more. than. once. I have a job and fur babies, and I cannot realistically live in my bedroom. I have to eat and go outside and breathe fresh air. I, also, have to make like I am surviving this thing well, so no one worries about me. I do not want people to worry. I just want them to understand.

This is for all the empty nesters of the past and present. Together we can fix our brokenness and find our purpose again. Through this process we can pave a way for future mamas and papas to save their hearts from ENS (empty nest syndrome) and remember this is what we’re meant to do raise them and then let them FLY!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please look for weekly updates on ENS and ways we can cope and how to make the most of this thing we call life. Always. Dawn

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Empty Nesters!
  1. Love this Dawn and love you too! You have been a sweet friend to me for many many years. I will be in your shoes in a very short time, glad I will have someone in my corner. Can’t wait to keep reading your new blog!

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