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The Best of the Best Graduation Gift Guide: Something for Everyone

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It’s that time of year again. When everyone is graduating either from high school or college and we want to get them that perfect gift.

Well, you have come to the right place my friend. I have created this awesome list for you to get the best graduation gifts EVER!

Who ever is on your list and from wherever they are graduating from will appreciate one of these gift ideas. There is a variety for men (boys) and women (girls) alike. So your shopping list will be all covered by this one list! You’re Welcome!

Katee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote

Whether they are going off to college or to the work force everyone needs one of these beautiful leather bags. They are perfect for carrying a laptop and books, or important files.

It goes on the shoulder and is easy to carry with comfortable handles. Everything will stay safe with the top zipper and an outside pocket for their phone.

The straps are even adjustable which is perfect if you are wearing jackets or bulkier clothing and you want a looser bag handle.

Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

Everyone needs a nice leather wallet. This is perfect for the graduate who is either growing up and taking charge of his life or just needing an update on his old worn out wallet.

This bifold wallet comes in many different colors and styles. It has two I.D. windows which is perfect for a driver’s license and college or work I.D. Also, it has 8+ other card holding slots to keep everything nice and organized. And a large pocket for holding cash.

Luna Weighted Blanket

This blanket is perfect for the newly graduate. Especially if they are moving out and sleeping in a new bed.

I find these blankets help so much with anxiety and having trouble falling asleep. And I know from my own experience when you are trying to sleep in a new place it can be hard to adjust at first.

That is why I know these weighted blankets are so perfect. This one especially you can get it in a few different sizes so they will cover a bed (twin, full, queen, king). Or you could get a smaller size to use a as a throw.

The Luna Weighted Blanket also comes in pretty patterns and colors so you can match any decor. And the best part is it can be washed in a washing machine on gentle cycle or even hand washed if you prefer.

Laptop or Tablet

I understand that a new laptop or tablet can be a pricey gift for a new graduate. However, I know that they are definitely much needed items.

If the graduate will be going off to college they will not be successful with some form of technology to help them with their classes. This MacBook Air is an awesome choice for anyone to have.

I personally, find that Macs last longer and overall have a really good system. Their batteries charge quickly and they are faster and fancier looking than most laptops available.

I mean this is how I put out all of my high quality blogposts, on my much older version of this laptop. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s bad. It still works just like it did on day one! Which is very impressive if you ask me and I am at least on year 7 with this baby!

Or if you are looking for something a little more budget friendly but still user friendly you could go with this Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It is super slim and very fast. Plus, the lower price tag has it’s perks as well.

This tablet truly is a smart device. You can connect it to your other Samsung devices and control things in your home such as the thermostat and lights. It has a quick charge so it’s ready to go when leaving home.

AAA Travel Membership

A membership to AAA Autoclub can seem like a strange gift for your graduate. But it is a very much needed and valuable one. Think about all the traveling that they might be doing from college to home or even their new career.

It would be nice to have peace of mind and know that they will be safe wherever they are. Plus, there are so many discounts that you can get at other places with this membership that it makes it worth it for that alone.

Coffee Maker

You may or may not know this about me but I am a coffee lover. There is not a day that goes by that I do not have one or more cups of coffee. I am not even really a coffee snob or even like it to be too fancy. I will drink the cheap stuff, black. Nothing but coffee. Just the way I like it.

So, when it comes to coffee makers this one is the best. Just like my laptop (mentioned earlier), I have had my coffee maker for a long time. So, I am recommending this one with many years of experience!

It’s fast and truly makes a great cup of coffee. I like that it is easy to clean and maintain and I can even use my own reusable cups when I have a bag of grounds.

If this one might be a little large for your liking or you know your graduate is limited on space. This Mini Keurig will do just the trick.

Again, highly recommend, my son uses this one in his dorm room so we know it works just as great as the larger machine. Plus, it comes in fun colors and is just so cute! Any graduate will love it!


Any graduate would love to get a camera. And I am not talking about the one on their phone. I am talking an actual camera. Now you do not have to go and spend a billion dollars to get something cool.

Check out this Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera. It comes in fun colors. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, has a selfie mode, and creates fun automatic prints. The pics will help your graduate capture all the fun moments and be able to share them on the spot!

This camera is so cute it is simple to use, runs on double A batteries, and completely customizable. There is a handful of accessories you can also purchase to make this little camera complete. This is a must have for any new grad.

Weekender Duffle Bag

This oversized leather weekender duffle bag is perfect for the occasional traveler. Grads will love the size and that they can fit all their necessities inside for a long weekend at home.

This bag is leather and canvas but it is also waterproof which is much needed especially during transportation. You can even get a matching toiletry bag to keep all your personal items in one place.

Several color choices are available and the price is super easy on the budget. Your graduate will be able to pack 3-4 days worth of clothing for their next long weekend.

College Gear

Any grad whether they just graduated from high school and are heading off to a college or just left college will love some new college gear. You can get anything from a hoodie to a t-shirt.

High school and college kids alike love to decorate their rooms with their favorite team colors and paraphernalia. There are so many ideas out their the possibilities are endless. Check out this plush pillow in your favorite team/school colors.

Subscription Boxes

For someone who are new to living on their own or a busy single person with a new job subscription boxes can be a fun surprise. There are so many different types of subscriptions you can purchase for your grad.

Anything from food, to makeup, ink for printers, or science kits. The possibilities are really endless. So think about what your new grad would like and check out some these subscription boxes. Which one would they just love to get?

I.D. Lanyard

Every college kid needs an I.D. lanyard to keep their items safe. They can use it keep their keys, I.D., money, cards or whatever they need.

It is easy to use it just goes over their necks where they can be hands free and worry free while they are participating in on campus activities.

There are many different styles and colors so you will not have any trouble finding the best one for your graduate. Budget-friendly gift and I say this is a must have!


You can never go wrong getting your grad a new pair of headphones. The most popular styles are the wireless earbuds or the overhead with cushioned ears.

Check out these Apple AirPods. They are wireless and come with their own charging case that you can customize with your name or even get one these silicon skin covers.

If your grad is not a fan of the earbuds then you can opt for something more traditional like these over the ear headphones. These are also wireless and have a 40 hour battery life. They come in a variety of colors so you can get your grads favorite shade.

There you have it, the best of the best for your graduate this year. I hope you found something that will make your grad smile when they open it up!

Drop me a note in the comments and let me know what you purchased your grad this year. And if there is anything you think I’m missing that I need to add.

As always thanks for stopping by!

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