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Road Tripping with Pets: An Essential Guide to Car Travel

Wondering what to do with your fur baby when you go on your next road trip? Simple. Take them with you! Road tripping with pets is a common occurrence now a days. There are so many products, as of lately, that make road tripping with your pet easier.

Get your records straight…

First of all, you should check out that you have the appropriate paperwork on your pet. This includes licenses, shot records, and any other essential medical record. This is just for precautionary measures in case your fur baby gets sick or you go into a state that requires you have proper documentation.

Before you get in the car…

It will be really helpful for you and your furry friend if you tire them out before you get in the car for a long road trip. Going for a long walk or playing frisbee in the backyard are great ideas to get some wiggles out. If your taking your cat play with a string or a laser and get those kitties moving.

Also, do not feed your fur babies a full meal before you get in the car. It is recommended that you feed them a small meal within a couple hours of your trip. This should help with their tummy and any car sickness they may get.

Road tripping with pets, Traveling with Pets in the car

Speaking of car sickness…

Make sure your pet is accustomed to riding in the car. I take my dogs pretty much everywhere I go. So getting in the car is not a problem for them. However, if your furry guy only associates getting in the car with a negative experience, a.k.a going to the vet, then you might want to give them something to look forward to.

Put them in the car and take small trips around town. Stop at a park or local pet store and get them out to walk a bit. This should help ease their fear of the car and hopefully help them associate it with something positive instead of scary.

And if your pet does actually have car sickness, it would be helpful to have a discussion with their vet. They can make recommendations on something all natural to help your guy relax in the car and have a much more pleasurable experience (and you as well!).

Prep that car…

There are so many car safety products for pets now a days. It is just about finding the right fit for your vehicle and fur baby. First of all a travel crate, like this one from Amazon, is foldable and has two doors. It comes in a bunch of different sizes, so would work for a larger pet or even a smallish one. I personally have two different sizes of this crate and have taken them on road trips. They are especially nice if you do not need them for in the car, but for maybe at a hotel. They fold up flat and could be easily stored in the trunk under the luggage. Click here to check it out.

The next item that is important for the car would be a seat belt for you fur baby. The Mighty Paw Dog Seatbelt is adjustable and is perfect for pets of all sizes. This way your guy is not wandering around the car while you are driving and distracting you or hurting themselves.

Also, a carseat cover would come in handy too. Especially if your pet is going to be spending a lot of time in the car. Again, this is one that I use in my car on a daily basis and it protects my leather seats “purr”fectly! See what I did there! Check it out here. And while you are protecting your ride get yourself some rubber mats as well. Check these out.

Almost ready…

There are still a few essentials that you need to pack for your fur baby to have excellent road trip. For instance, water is necessary for while you are traveling and for when you get to your destination. Drinking unfamiliar water might upset their stomach and you definitely do not want a sick pet while traveling. Their own food and enough for the whole trip with some extra. Don’t forget about bowls to serve it in. Check out this cool all-in-one travel pack by Top Dog Travel.

Now, there are the obvious things to not forget like the collars with the appropriate tags and the leashes. Also, I like to have my handy dandy harnesses for when we are out and about. This pet harness has all the feature that I love and comes in some pretty sporty colors too. Click here to get what I consider to be the best no pull harness.

Lastly, a few things to remind them of home. A special blanket or stuffed animal might be helpful especially if this is their first time away. A toy that they are especially fond of, like Riley’s frisbee. It goes where he goes. This might help them feel more comfortable on the journey and even when you get to your destination.

Road Tripping with pets, Traveling in the car

Ok, time to go…

So, you finally hit the road with your beloved pet. Just a few more things you need to know. The first one is that not all places are pet friendly. I have found however, you can ask around and you will be surprised especially restaurants that allow you to bring in your furry guy while you get a yummy meal. They have even brought bowls for water and a treat or two. Nice.

There are plenty of places if you just search the specific area where you are going that will post that they are animal friendly. I have personally taken my pups to a couple well known dog friendly beaches, which my chocolate lab thought she died and went to heaven! Especially in the areas around those beaches, the places seemed to be a little bit more pet friendly than most.

Finally, while on the road, remember to give your fur baby some stretch time and take breaks every two to three hours while driving. When stopped be sure to provide plenty of water. Also, while driving keep the temperature in the back of your vehicle comfortable for your baby, not too hot but not too cold. Maybe even crack the window for some freshness. Fresh air is always good!


Anytime you do something new with your pet it is a learning experience. So be sure to pay attention to what is working or not, so that you can have a successful road trip every time. Also, no worries if you forget something or run out there is probably a pet store close by so you can get what you need. Plus your fur baby won’t be too mad! Especially, if that means a trip to a store!

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear about how road tripping with your pets go, so please share in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Road Tripping with Pets: An Essential Guide to Car Travel
  1. Great post. We don’t do much travel with our dogs but when we did a safety harness and seat belt was always a must. Couldn’t have a dog flying around a car.

    1. Yes! It took me a few years to realize the value in the harness. But definitely a must! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love finding the hidden gems that encourage our pets to be with is. Here, we can bring them in several local stores and they have treats ready. It makes things so great. I will say my dog pooped in the middle of an aisle when he was a pup. We got it cleaned up okay but that was embarrassing!

    1. Oh man! Yeah sometimes they do not know what to do or forget what to do. My dog always pees at the pet food store! They are pretty friendly about it and we get it cleaned up quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

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