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Must Have Monday #2: Week of 5/18


Welcome back to our second week of Must Have Mondays! I said that in a loud echo-y voice. Did you hear it? Well if you are reading this then that means you are excited about what is happening this week on Must Have Monday.

I know I am that is why I am here! This week I wanted to give you some positive Monday motivation. Mondays are typically the day of the week that people return to work. Therefore, Monday gets a pretty bad rap.

So this Monday, I wanted to give you some Monday motivation quotes. These are fun, funny, and hopefully inspirational quotes that will help you get moving and being productive.

I know Mondays can be hard. I get it, totally. But our Mondays are what we make them so let’s make them AMAZING!

Monday motivation quote
Monday motivation quote
Monday must have quote
Monday motivation quote
must have Monday quote
Monday motivation quote
must have Monday quote
motivation Monday quote
Monday to do list quote
monday motivation quote

There ya have it! Ten quotes all about making Monday great again. You can do it. You got this. I believe in you. So get out there and have a wonderful Monday. Make this one a Must Have!

If you liked any of these quotes or you have your own Monday motivational quote please share it in the comments below! I would love to hear what your favorite Monday quote is. Or email me if you want to say hi!

If you liked this post check out my first Must Have Monday Post!

I will see you next Monday or hopefully sooner! Thanks for stopping by!

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