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Adopting a Cat? An Inside Look at What You Need

Adopt a cat, products for a new cat

Oh, cat lovers unite!  Whether you are a fellow cat lover or new to the cat world, welcome!  I have had kitties in my life from the time that I was in preschool.  I love me some kitties!  I currently have three cats in my home right now!

Without sounding like the crazy cat lady, I have created an essential guide for you to get the products you need to make your new furry friend welcome in your home.  

Most of these products if not all, are ones that I specifically use myself or have known someone who uses them.  I would not want you to get products that will not be the most helpful for you and your new furry friend.

Food and Treats

Let me just start by saying that my cats are the pickiest cats EVER!  They do not like anything, but chicken and heaven forbid if there’s anything with seafood in it.  So, I have found that they like American Journey Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food.  I am able to purchase it in a larger bag (12lbs) through my Chewy autoship and it is delivered right to my door.  

They love this food because well, it is chicken and not seafood and I love it because it has so many healthy things in it.  It is manufactured in the USA which is my favorite part and there is no corn, wheat or soy and it’s grain free!  American Journey also contains omega fatty acids for their skin and coat and antioxidants to support their immune system.  What else could you possibly need?

Now of course American Journey does have a multitude of other flavors in case your cat is more adventurous then mine.  

Disclosure: This site probably contains affiliate links, meaning I may get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you, please read my disclosure for all the boring stuff.

Of course, I have two cats that eat the crunchy food and one cat that only wants moist food.  So, in this case I feed him Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Chicken Entrée Indoor Adult Canned Cat Food.  Again, this food is perfect for my indoor cat and provides essential nutrients to help keep his coat shiny and his digestion working properly.  Plus, I can order a case at a time and it makes it super simple to stay stocked up. 

As for the treats my cats do not get a lot, but I like to give them something that will help their teeth.  So, my go to treat is Greenies Feline Catnip Flavor Adult Dental Cat Treats.  This gives them something crunchy and helps reduce tartar buildup and freshens their breath.  These are great because they are low in calories and made with no artificial flavors or preservatives.  Like I said, they only get these guys about once a week to keep their mouths clean.

Bowls and Feeders

For my cats I like a heavier bowl that doesn’t scooch around while they are trying to eat.  Something made out of ceramic or porcelain usually does the trick.  The Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish is a great choice for my cats.  It comes in a few different sizes and is able to be put in dishwasher for cleaning.  Yay!

As for water however, I need something larger.  I have three cats afterall!  So, my go to is the Petmate Pearl Replendish Waterer with Microban does the trick.  This waterer comes in several colors and sizes and is super easy to clean.  I love it!  It has a replaceable charcoal filter to keep the water clean and fresh and is made from PET plastic, so it is safe for the cats or dogs to drink from.  

I add ice cubes to mine for the cats to have cold water.  I refill every two to three days and its perfect for my thirsty kitties.  

The last thing that you need for your kitty’s bowls is a placemat.  This is helpful if you have any type of smooth floors where the bowls might slide around.  I have the ORE Pet Skinny Recycled Rubber Rectangle Placemat.  It is a longer, skinner mat perfect for all the bowls I need to go on it!  Plus, it is super easy to clean and keeps everything in its place.  


Now when purchasing cat toys, you need to keep your kitty in mind.  Not all cats like all toys.  Some really like string toys, some like the laser, some just like a ball they can bat around.  So, I would suggest if you are not sure what your cat likes then buy a variety to see which ones, they are most attracted to.  This set, Frisco Bundled Cat Toy, 20-Pack, has a variety of items your kitty can choose from.  Then you will know what is their favorite for future purchases!  

The good news is most cat toys are pretty inexpensive and they are pretty durable for the cats.  But don’t let your dog get ahold of them or it’s all over!

My top recommendation for a cat toy is the Kong Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy.  This one of those string teaser toys that my cats just love to attack.  This one comes with catnip in the toy on the end of the string with their favorite crinkle sound inside as well.  This makes it a must have with most cats.  

Another favorite is the Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser Original 2 in 1 Dog & Cat Toy.  This is a super fun cat toy that my cats can play with for hours.  This one is particularly great because it comes with a set of extra batteries so you will never run out of play time!

Trees, Condos, and Scratchers

An important addition to any household with a cat is a scratcher, tree, and/or condo.  Cats, if you did not know, love to scratch and they love to climb.  So, I find it very important if you do not want your cat scratching up your good furniture than you must buy them a scratcher!

I love the Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo.  This is a staple in my household.  I have purchased multiple of these and my cats just love it.  The main reason I purchased this particular one is that it is tall.  I have two large dogs, so this gives my cats a place that is high up and safe from the dogs.  Second it has multiple spots for the kitties to perch.  I have three cats so it is also important that they each can claim their spot.

This particular tree comes in multiple colors which I think is great so you can get one to match your décor.  Plus, it has two hiding spots where the cats can go if they want some alone time.  

This tree/condo is super easy to put together and it stands up to cats jumping on and off of it and does not fall over.  There are also a few hanging toys that provide your kitties with some entertainment. 

My favorite part of this tree/condo is that it is easy to clean.  I have two black long haired kitties and they shed all over the thing.  I can easily use my vacuum attachment to sweep it right up.  

If you do not have the room or care to have a large cat item in your home than another must have item is the MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte 41-in Cat Scratching Post.  This post if placed in a location that is easy to get to will be your cats friendly reminder to not scratch the furniture. 

This scratching post also is easy to assemble.  It has a sturdy base so even larger cats can scratch away without fear of it falling over.  I am a big fan of MidWest products they are always really reliable and are made to withstand our fur babies quality tests!  

Litter and Litter Boxes

Having a cat also means you must have a litter box with litter.  There are so many different varieties of litter from clay, to wheat, newspaper to corn, scented to unscented, and even clumping to nonclumping.  So, you might have to try a few before you find one that you and your kitty likes.  

My personal preference is sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter.    I have been using this brand for several years and have had really no issues with my cats liking it or me being able to keep their boxes clean.  I mean I would much rather have someone else clean the boxes but eh, we can’t get everything we ask for!

I order this in the largest bag since I have three boxes to fill.  It is pretty heavy but when Chewy brings it to my door it’s not a problem.  This liter though makes it totally worth it because it clumps fast and locks in the odor.  I do not get the scented bag because sometimes I feel that that just adds to the smell.  So, the unscented works perfectly.  Plus, you can flush it down your toilet or bag it and its biodegradable.  

Now as for the actual litter boxes I like something simple and easy to clean.  That is why my go to box is the Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box, Extra Large 24-in.  This box is super easy to clean, the clumps do not stick to the bottom or sides.  I can wash it out with dish soap and water.  I usually take all three out back to the hose.  

Plus, it has really high sides which is perfect because my guys like to fling the litter around.  And it is super large, so my kitties feel comfortable taking care of their business in it.  The price point is low enough that I can recycle the box when it gets old and replace it with a new one.  It even comes in two different colors to match your home’s décor!


There are many types of tools that you can get for grooming your cat.  I suggest getting a good brush that your cat will accept and use it frequently.  It is important to keep their hair combed and this will help with the shedding process as well.  

A brush that I find super helpful is the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats.  This brush is a slicker brush, so it works good for my long haired guys and this one is self-cleaning.  You just push the button and it hides the bristles so you can dump the hair in the trash.  You are even able to wipe it down. 

Another great brush is the Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush for Dogs and Cats.  This brush is two sided, so it makes it easy to use, just flip it over and you are ready for the next brush.  It has metal bristles to help with the tangles on one side.  The other side has nylon bristles that will help to distribute the oils in your cats’ fur and make it shiny and healthy looking again.  

Tags and Collars

So, I am going to be honest here, I have never put a collar on my cats.  My boys just wouldn’t have it and my girl is so grumpy already I never even tried.  But I know plenty of people that do put collars on their cats, and it seems to work for them.  

It will have to be a personal preference for you and your cat.  I know that it would probably make me feel better if my cat ever got out of my house that he would be wearing some type of identification.  But each of them is chipped and I feel confident in that process and my own of making sure they do not get out.

If I was going to use a collar, I would want something simple not a lot fluff because I can see how a cat might not like all that around their neck.  So, my first choice would be Catit Adjustable Nylon Cat Collar.  This collar is adjustable as the name states and it comes in two fun colors.  It also has a place to attach a tag and a leash if that’s your thing.  Plus, it has a tiny bell so you can hear your cat coming. 

Another good choice is the CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Elastic Strap and Bell.  This is another fun colored collar that has a little bit of a stretch to it so you cat can wiggle out if they get stuck on something.  It comes in a variety of bright colors to suit your cat, there is also a place for a tag and a leash. The collar also has a cute little bell..  

This collar is fully adjustable as well which makes it “purrfect” for cats of all sizes!  See what I did there?  I am hilarious!  

And if you want to add a tag to their collar, I recommend the GoTags Personalized Stainless Steel ID Tag, Cat.  This is small enough to fit on a tiny cat collar, but big enough to put all of your information on the back.  It has a cute little cat head shape and a face on one side.  Plus, it is made out of stainless steel so it will last a long time!


When it comes to cat carriers or travel bags, I much prefer a sturdier kennel to a soft sided bag.  My top choice is the Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Dog and Cat Kennel.  There are several reasons why I prefer this over a bag.  

Number one it is sturdier, made from tough plastic so my cat won’t feel like the walls are caving in on him.  This brings me to my second reason, since it is plastic, I can clean it very easily with soap and water.  Third, it has two doors, one in the front and one on top.  Which makes getting your kitty in and out super easy.  Fourth, it can be stored on a shelf in my garage quite easily it comes apart with a few simple turns of some screws.  And last but not least it comes in two sizes that make it perfect for a larger or smaller cat.  But not too bulky that it cannot be carried easily.  

If you like the travel bags over a plastic kennel.  Then I would recommend the Frisco Premium Travel Dog and Cat Carrier Bag.  This is a great bag for many reasons as well. 

It comes in three different sizes so you can get the perfect size for your kitty.  It also has a large handle that you can carry the bag on your shoulder for easy transport.  Has two entry/exit points on the top and side.  This also can be semi-collapsed to fit smaller spaces for instance, if you were traveling with your pet in an airplane.  

I think it depends on your pet and their size but either of these travel carriers would be great for getting your kitty to where they need to go!


Most cats just like to snuggle down in a pile of clean clothes.  But if you prefer, they didn’t then an awesome alternative would be the Frisco Sherpa Hexagon Bolster Cat and Dog Bed.    This is a super snuggly Sherpa bed that any cat would love.  This bed is machine washable which is my favorite part and the price is pretty great as well.  

The Frisco Igloo Covered Cat and Dog Bed is perfect for kitties that want a little hideaway when they sleep.  This is great so the dogs don’t bother them, and they can curl up and snooze away.  This is another great machine washable product and it folds up if you need to take with you on the go.  The price is another awesome feature as well!  Frisco to the rescue again!  

Health and Wellness

There are many things you might need to keep your kitty happy and healthy, but one thing is for sure is a flea and tick treatment.  I recommend the Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Cat and Kitten Treatment.  This is a treatment that kills adult fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs.  This is a once a month treatment that works for 30 days after application.  This is a topical treatment so if you do not prefer this you can use a collar treatment instead.

Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens is my top recommendation.  It lasts for 7 months which seems like it would get you through the tick and flea season.  This collar is water-resistant and is adjustable to fit any cat size 10 weeks of age or older.  

There you have it.  All the essentials you will need when adopting a new cat.  I know there is a lot on the list and almost all of these are items that I have used personally or known someone who has.  So, you can guarantee they are “purrfect” for your new kitty.  See what I did there(again)?  I know I but I can’t help myself!  

Each and every one of these items can be ordered from   If you do not have an autoship set up with them then you are missing out.  Click here to sign up today and get discounts on all of these products.  Who doesn’t love a discount?

If you are adopting a new puppy or dog check out my post on 10 Must Haves for Adopting a New Dog.

As always thank you for stopping by.  Please share a cute picture of your kitty below or a funny kitty story.  Or email me at to share as well.  Have a great week.  Stay healthy and safe!

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