About Me

Hello and as you already may know my name is Dawn Landrus. I started this blog with a very specific purpose and that is to show fellow empty nesters that we can and will be able to move on with our lives. It is a difficult transition to go from having a house full to having one that is now empty. The past year has brought this change to my home and I hope to share my journey with other empty nesters. Through my posts it is my intention to support other mamas and papas like me who are struggling to fulfill their lives in the way that they once were.

At one point we had busy schedules full of activities and parenting that we barely had time to notice there is another world out there that we are missing. So now that my schedule has opened up and my house has become silent it is time to explore this world and see what else it has in store for us. So it is my hope that you will come along with me through this journey of discovery and together we can find our new purpose and lead fulfilling lives once again. Always. Dawn.