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A Guide to the Ultimate Summer: 51+ Ideas for your Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list
Summer bucket list

Well here we are officially in the hot days of summer!  Ahh summer. The hot, long days and the cool nights filled with bonfires and lightning bugs. Time for relaxing by the pool and working on your tan.

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And reality check! I don’t know about you but I don’t have a pool unless you count the kiddy one my doggies use. And some of us aren’t able to lounge around. Am I right? We still have kids, responsibilities, etc.

Buuut, we can still have fun and I want you to have an ultimate summer. Make this summer the Best. One. Ever! And guess what? I am here to help!

This ultimate summer bucket list is chock full of ideas for you to participate in to make your summer an ultimate one. There are so many ideas you are going to run out of time.

That is why you better get to it right now! So without further ado I present to you the Ultimate Guide to Summer: 51+ Summer Bucket List Ideas!

#1 Make root beer floats and drink/eat them.

#2 Go for a bike ride.

#3 Visit a nature center.

#4 Go on a day trip.

#5 Paint rocks and place them around your community for others to find.  

#6 Start a summer journal.

#7 Have a summer movie marathon.  

#8 Wash your filthy car!

#9 Clean out your garage and organize all the stuff.

#10 Go to a festival.

#11 Grow a plant from a seed.

#12 Make S’mores and eat them.

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#13 Get a meal from a food truck.

#14 Complete a puzzle.

#15 Have ice cream for dinner or breakfast.

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#16 Go to a farmer’s market.

#17 Send a postcard to someone.

#18 Go to a baseball game, professional or otherwise.

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#19 Make a fun summer cocktail and drink it outside. (Click here for recipe)

#20 Have a picnic outside.

#21 Play a backyard game.

#22 Go strawberry picking.

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#23 Complete a DIY project. (Click here for some inspo!)

#24 Visit a state park.

#25 Go for a hike or walk in the woods.

#26 Find a new place in your city to go to (restaurant, park, museum). 

#27 Turn off the technology for 24 hours!  No phones, TV, computers, iPads, etc.

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#28 Buy a kayak or canoe.

#29 Random Act of Kindness

#30 Visit a nearby beach, lake, or river.

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#31 Watch/catch fireflies.

#32 Go to a drive-in movie theater.

#33 Play mini-golf.

#34 Watch fireworks.

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#35 Fly a kite.

#36 Visit an aquarium.

#37 Watch the sun rise/set.

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#38 Read a New York Time’s Bestseller.

#39 Make homemade ice cream or popsicles.

#40 Go to an outdoor concert.

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#41 Create a scavenger hunt for someone. (Click here for a cool idea with your besties!)

#42 Tie-dye something.

#43 Go somewhere historical.

#44 Visit a zoo.

#45 Get an ice cream from an ice cream truck.

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#46 Have a water balloon fight.

#47 Volunteer.

#48 Watch a parade.

#49 Camp in your backyard.

#50 Stargaze, learn the names of some of the stars you can see.

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#51 Make fresh squeezed lemonade.

#52 Lay in a hammock.

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#53 Skip stones. 

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This is not an all inclusive list.  I am sure you can come up with more items to add to personalize your summer bucket list.  Just make sure whatever you add it means you are having fun!

So go out there and have some summer fun. Keep it safe and fun and let me know in the comments below what your favorite summer bucket list item is. Feel free to share some items I can add to my list as well.

Have a Happy and Healthy Summer!!!

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