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2020 A New Year, A New You?

Welcome to 2020! This is the first year of a new decade. We are getting another 365 days to become rich and famous. Oh wait, no. We don’t want to be rich and famous. Well, at least not the famous part. All that paparazzi! So annoying! The rich part I’m sure many of us will take!

But all kidding aside, the New Year means a New You, right? Well, not necessarily. I don’t think we are magically going to turn into someone that we always wanted to be. I do think, it is a time to evaluate our lives and see what changes we could make.

Starting with our goals for the year. Where would you like to be by the end of the year? With whom? Doing what? What would you like to say you have accomplished by the end of 2020?

I personally, think that it is important to document your goals in some way. For most people, this simply could be writing it in their journal or their agenda for the year. Another way that some people document their goals is on a vision board. This is something you could display and look at everyday to encourage you to make the most of your day and remember what you are trying to reach. Anyway you choose to document your goals is up to you, but I do think it is important for you to be able to check yourself in some way, to see if you are on the right path, or if you need to adjust.

At the beginning of a new year, people set resolutions to become skinnier, healthier, richer, out of debt, better at managing time, having a cleaner house, becoming a better spouse/parent/child/sibling, etc. Yes, I would love for all of those things to happen to us. However, realistically most of us will set these as our goals and not attain them or we will set too many goals for ourselves and make it too difficult to do all the things.

People, if you are anything like me, and I do mean ANYTHING, then procrastination is definitely my number one downfall. So piling on the resolutions is not going to encourage me to work harder. It’s just going to stress me out and make me find more excuses why my dreams can’t and won’t come true. And then I’m stressed all over again because I can never do anything! Ugh!

So, that is why I am here to help you break down your goals into more manageable chunks. Focusing on one aspect of your life at a time instead of trying to get skinny, rich, and become a better person all at the same time. Again, if you are anything like me, there’s nothing like not eating and working overtime to make me a grumpy and not very nice person. So do all of us a favor people, and lets make 2020 one to remember for all the good we did, not for all the people we scared away trying to become rich and skinny!

Like I said, breaking your goals into more manageable chunks, will make it easier to accomplish your dreams. And I don’t know about you, but I cannot do anything until my house is clean. There is nothing like trying to do work at home and you have dishes in the sink and your floor needs vacuumed. Remember that procrastination thing I talked about earlier? Yeah, this is where I like to use that little thing. I cannot possibly grade papers when there are dog hairs every where! So then I vacuum, and do the dishes, and mop the floors, and fold the laundry, and on, and on.

So what do we do?

Let’s start with the most obvious goal, getting our house organized. This way we can eliminate one of our excuses to not do other things. This is why I have created a “21 Days of Decluttering Your Stuff Challenge.” Now, this isn’t like other challenges where if you complete it you win a fabulous trip to Las Vegas. Listen, I already told you I am a teacher, a single mom, and now a blogger. I cannot afford to send you to Las Vegas! I cannot even send me to Las Vegas! But just know if I could, I would. But you will win the satisfaction of knowing your house has less stuff collecting dust. Which in the end makes you healthier (just another added bonus) since dust creates sneezing and coughing. Yuck!

So, if you click here, you will receive a copy of my “21 Days of Decluttering Your Stuff Challenge. This challenge is only meant to kickstart your cleaning and decluttering into action. By taking small chunks of time and using them to get your life in order is the most manageable way to be successful. Plus, our brains get hooked (not on drugs or phonics, cleaning silly!) on progress. We want more and more of this good feeling that progress gives us. And guess what this little cleaning trick allows us to see progress (a little bit) every day! Our brains love this!

The challenge provides you with a new activity for you to accomplish every day. There are different areas in your life that you can tackle in short periods of time. I am not talking about spending a whole day cleaning, but 15-30 minutes of intense decluttering and organizing. Each of these areas should not take you much more than that and if they do (ex. “clothes closet”), then you can give yourself and extra day or two on this task. Plus, some of us do not have all these areas or have extra of these areas (ex: lots of bathrooms).

There are not dates written on this challenge, just simple check boxes to document your success. This challenge can be started at anytime or on any day of the week. But it should be noted that you will feel successful as you get to check off those tasks and this will make you feel good. And remember what I said our brains love this! So, if that is not a feeling you are used to than get ready!


When starting the challenge I suggest getting a couple boxes or bags ready to collect your clutter. One can be labeled trash, obviously for the items that are broken or otherwise have no more life left in them. Another can be labeled donation. These are the items that have some life left and someone else will be able to give them use. A third one, can be labeled to give away. This is for the items that you want to give to specific people. For instance, a top that no longer fits you but your aunt will love.

The last box can be for sale items. Maybe you like to have a garage sale every year. Or you sell stuff on Facebook, eBay, or somewhere else. I highly recommend trying your hand at this. Especially, Facebook garage sale websites. Super easy to use and there’s a ton of traffic and it’s FREE. Plus, this might help with one of your other goals for 2020 (getting out of debt, making more money, etc.). I plan to use all the money from my decluttering sales to pay off my debt. Woohoo!

Lastly, I am sure you are thinking, Dawn, the challenge is only for 21 days and there are obviously more days than that in a month. Well, I know that! I did not want to fill up every single day of your month with an activity, for a few reasons. #1 Life happens and we have other stuff to do. #2 Some activities might take more than one day. #3 This gives you time at the end of the month to drop your boxes/bags off to the right destinations. #4 They say (I don’t know who “they” are) that if you do something for 21 days you will create a habit. So I say, let’s create a habit of decluttering and get rid of our stuff! Yes! We can do this guys!

Once again thank you for stopping by and Happy New Year! I wish you all the best on your next 365. I would love to hear about some goals you set for yourself this year. Also, if you are completing the “21 Days of Decluttering Your Stuff Challenge” I would love to hear how it is going for you. As always, any comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Lets make 2020 our best year EVER! Always. Dawn.

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