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15 Easy to Do Habits You Need to Start Today

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We all need to make changes in our lives, and we need those changes to be easy in order for us to stick with them.  It can be hard to make a change especially in our day to day living.  I have found that making small easy changes to my day has become the easiest way for me to make these changes last.  

I  don’t know about you, but I like to make positive changes that make me a happier more positive person.  We all have habits that we do not like.  One way to get rid of those bad habits is to slowly change those negative habits out for more healthy and positive ones.  

I want you to think about some things that you do in your life that you are not especially proud of.  Take out a piece of paper and write them down.  See which ones are easy fixes and which habits you will have to spend more time getting rid of. 

Then as you read the 15 habits listed below, I want you to look at that list and think which ones you can trade for these new positive, healthy habits.  Start small.  I do not expect you to do all 15 of these habits in one day.  But pick one or two that are most important to you and start there.  Then after a couple of weeks of success with your new habits grab a couple more to add in.  

There is no rhyme or reason to this list or that you need to add in these habits in any type of order.  I want you to add them into your life based upon your greatest need and what is most important for you.  

Remember these are to help you become more positive and healthier, it should not be more work or stressful for you to implement these.  But also remember that change takes time and practice.  So, if you fall short on your new habit one day just pick it back up the next day.  We are human we make mistakes, so forgive yourself and move on.

With that in mind here is the list:

Take the Stairs

I know that there are elevators and some of us might work in really tall buildings.  But the goal is to be healthier so let’s take the stairs whenever possible.  If you do work in a tallish building than take the stairs for a few flights and then the elevator for a few flights.  

Remember if you are not used to this much stair walking start off small, one flight at a time.  This is not meant to be a full on workout, just something to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.  

Drink one more glass of water

Some of us are really good at drinking water and some of us are not.  But water is so important to our bodies that we need to drink more.  It is recommended for most people to drink six 8 ounce glasses of water per day.  That is just the basic recommendation and some of us need more water and some of us can get by on less.  So, check with your doctor if you want to know for sure.  

I drink (or try) to drink as much water as possible.  I am an avid coffee drinker so that takes up a lot of my liquid intake especially in the morning, early afternoon times.  I used to drink Diet Coke like they were going out of style.  I now encourage myself to drink at least half of my daily water intake before I go grab more caffeine.  

If you find that you are thirsty then you probably should drink more water.  Or if you have a bad Diet Coke habit like me then trade one of those Diet Cokes for a bottle of water.  It will get easier I promise.  

There are also ways to spice up your water if you are just not into plain water.  Lemon for instance, is a good addition or cucumbers.  I know a lot of people like to add fruit such as strawberries to liven up their plain ole’ water.   So, mix it up and try something new.  

But remember making water a habit will make you healthier and it is an easy habit to add.  

Good posture

I know this sounds like a funny habit to be added to my list, but it is after all an easy one.  Having good posture is something that we all should have.  But I know that after years of slouching, leaning over a desk, or a computer can leave our spines a little less straight.  

There are plenty of devices out there that can help us have straighter posture like binders, correctors, apps, braces, and cushions.  I think that we (well most of us) do not need these things to have a straighter back.  With a little thought and maybe even a daily reminder you can practice sitting or walking straighter.  

Why should you care?  Well unless you want to look like a hunchback in your old age, I think you should start paying attention to your spine now.  Standing with your shoulders back will make you seem thinner and taller.  Bonus!  And sitting with your core tucked in and back tall will make your back hurt less and encourage healthy blood flow through your body.  

When sitting at your desk pull in your core, push your shoulders back and sit tall.  While walking keep your shoulders back and your core pulled in.  Doing these easy mindful tricks will help make it a habit every time you sit at your desk or you are walking about.  

Go to Bed a ½ Hour Early

Getting a good night rest is an essential habit to include into your routine.  It is important for you to be well rested so you can do your best work.  Again, some of us require more sleep and some of us require less find the right amount asleep for you to be the most productive.  

I’m not asking you to go to bed so early you are not getting anything done in the evening.  I just know that an extra 30 minutes can be lifechanging.  So do your best to schedule an earlier bedtime and make this habit one you stick with.  

Morning routines

Just like going to bed early can make you more productive, having a morning routine will also set you up for a productive day.  If you need ideas on how to make a successful morning routine check out this post 10 Healthy Habits for a Successful Morning Routine.  This is a must read for anyone who needs a morning routine or needs help ramping theirs up.  

Routines are always essential to having successful, positive habits.  There is so much to be said about starting your day off on the right foot.  This will make continuing your habits and making them stick easier.  

Healthy Breakfast

Speaking of mornings, a great habit to have is to eat a healthy breakfast.  This should consist of foods that are high in fiber and protein.  These will help sustain your energy for the rest of your day.  

I can hear you now, “I am not a breakfast person.”  “I always just skip it.”  “I never have time.”  Well I am here to tell you that if you make a breakfast a habit and include it in your morning routine as suggested in this article 10 Healthy Habits for a Successful Morning Routine then you will always have time.  

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be a simple Greek yogurt with a piece of fruit.  Or you can have a Tex-Mex egg scramble!  I mean whatever you have time for or is more your style.  Mix it up try new things but whatever you do make it a healthy habit.

Eat Your Veggies

And, speaking of eating don’t forget to eat your veggies.  Eating vegetables is a great healthy habit.  You can eat them in a variety of ways that you will never get bored.  I am a salad eater and try to pack my salads with as much good stuff as possible.  Because if I am eating a salad then I might as well make it the healthiest right?

Try to eat a vegetable with every meal and as an in between meal snack.  This will increase the fiber in your diet and provide a lot of healthy vitamins.  This also helps your colon health too!  

Read or Listen to Something Motivating

One daily habit that can be truly inspirational is to read a book by an author who has a motivating message.  Or if you are an audible person download a book to listen to while you are driving or cleaning the house.  

Just reading someone else’s perspective on life and how to be successful can really motivate and encourage you to want to make a change.  Or can even confirm that the habits and routines you have in your own life are the right ones to be doing.  

Spend 15-30 minutes a day if you can, listening or reading and you will feel encouraged to keep moving forward in your life.  Plus, reading and listening to someone read is so beneficial for your brain.  So, you are keeping your brain young and productive as well!


Now if you’ve been alive in the past 100 years then you have probably heard someone say that exercising is good for your health.  This is a little more difficult of a habit to adopt especially if you are mostly sedentary. 

With that being said, I am not asking you to run 3 miles every day!  I am asking you simply to take your dogs for a walk or ride your bike.  Make it a habit to be moving in whatever way you feel most comfortable.  

If you are someone who likes to workout but not sure what to do there are a ton of online workouts you can try usually for a free two week trial.  This will allow you to find something you like and can do regularly before making a commitment.  

Find something that you like to do, and you will be more likely to be successful in continuing it and making it a daily habit.

Put Things Away

Now without sounding too much like your mother, it is a wonderful habit to put things away when you are done using them.  This will make cleaning your house or workplace a breeze.  

If you are in the habit of returning things to where they belong the second you are done using them then you will be cutting down on time later.  You will have more time for other things and spend less time looking for things. 

This makes sense and I know you agree, but it is not an easy habit to create.  Especially, if it is not something that comes naturally to you.  I will admit it is something that I have forced myself to do and it is now just part of my routine, a habit I just do.   

You should check out this post I wrote earlier in the year. It includes a declutter your stuff challenge to help you keep your house free from all the extra stuff we do not need. Click here to check it out!


This is another one of those habits that might come naturally to you or not.  I am by nature a list maker.  I like to see everything that needs to be done all written out in one list.  I like to make lists for everything.  

Lists for what to pack on vacation, lists for school, lists for jobs I need to get done, grocery store lists, cleaning lists, dog lists, lists of projects, lists for parties, and on and on.  I think you get the point; I like lists! 

Lists can also serve a purpose in keeping track of things over a longer period of time.  For example, you can make a list of goals you want to accomplish for the year, month, or week.  

There is such a thing as too long of a list though.  I like to keep my lists just to the basics.  Very straight to the point.  Sometimes it can seem impossible to finish a list if there are too many items.  But my most favorite thing of all when making and using lists is being able to cross out everything I have accomplished.  Yay!!!  

So, get up in the morning and write that list of the things you need to get done for the day.  It is a perfect habit to help you stay focused and feel accomplished.  

Eat That Frog

This is a perfect habit to follow our list making habit.   If you have never heard this before don’t panic, it is just a saying and I do not actually want you to any frogs.  Eww!  But I do want you to tackle that one thing on your list that makes you cringe.

Look at your list of tasks you need to get done for the day.  Which is the hardest for you to get through?  Which one do you dread the most?  That one, that you will avoid the whole day, is the frog.  Eat that frog and everything you do the rest of the day will not be as bad.

Sure, procrastination has its place, however, getting the tough stuff done first will make everything you have to do the rest of the day seem easy-peasy.  

Be Consistent

Once you get yourself a few positive habits under your belt stick with them.  Make sure you are being consistent, and you will find yourself having a more productive day.  Sticking with your morning routine, workout routine or even just your cleaning routine can make a positive impact.

They say it can take 4-6 weeks for something to become a habit in your life.  So, you need to work on it every day.  Pretty soon it will just be natural.  

Do not try to do too much at once though.  That will make it harder to be consistent and you should be able to build upon your good habits like Legos.  Just keep stacking them up and your days will be filled with healthy, positive habits. 

Do Something Kind

Positive habits do not only have to be for our benefit alone.  We can share our positivity with those around us.  Make it a habit to do something kind for someone each day.  

The kindness does not have to cost any money and just needs to be sincere.  Make someone feel good about themselves or buy the guy behind you in line his coffee.  But, please, I beg of you, make it come from your heart.  Not some ingenuine place.  Because people will feel that you are being fake.  

Don’t be fake.  Be real.  And just be kind.  Always.

Time for You

Last but certainly not least, make time for yourself.  This can be very important especially in the hectic day to day schedule that we all have. 

Now I am not saying take a spa day every week.  I mean if you can then go ahead and treat yourself!  But I was thinking like doing something that you enjoy even if it is for a few minutes.  Paint your nails, build something out of wood, take a nap, wash your hair.  Whatever it is that makes you feel like you again.  Do it. 

And whatever you do make it a habit to do it every day or at the very, very least once a week.  If you do not take a few minutes for yourself all your good positive healthy habits will be for nothing.  Take care of yourself.  And that is one of the most important habits you can do.  

There you have it 15 easy habits you need to start today!  Each of these habits can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle or any established routine.  But the important part is to make sure the habits are positive and healthy choices.  You do not want to be creating a routine full of bad habits!

This is my list of habits, what habits do you have?  Do you have any habits you wish you could get rid of?  Any habits you would like to add to your life?  Please drop me a comment below or email me a  I would love to hear from you.  

As always thanks for stopping by and in case you missed it check out my new series called Must Have Monday.  I will be highlighting products, quotes, motivations, or anything that will make our Mondays must have.   My first feature which you can find here, is a review of two products that make my life so much easier and I think you will enjoy them as well.  So, go ahead and see what it is all about!  Must Have Monday #1:  Week of 5/11

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